The Final Pocket God Update Blames Scientology For the End of the World. Sounds About Right.

Those poor Mayans. All this time we've been pointing to their broken calendar with anxiety and dream, when we really should have been pointing at completely plausible alien-based religion created by a science fiction author. Do you think there'll be Tom Cruise? Oh yeah, there'll be Tom Cruise.

In Pocket God Episode 47: Apocalypse the final room of the Apocalypse Temple opens to the poor pygmies populating the tortured lands, revealing something more horrifying than anything that's come before it—calamari. I guess that's supposed to be the alien god Xenu, but man he looks like he'd be delicious fried with a little tartar sauce.


Can the pygmies halt the apocalypse? Well sure, I suppose so. Maybe there are some magical gems lurking about that could lend a hand. Or maybe they're just screwed. Grab the game on iTunes and find out!

Thanks to the Bolt Creative folks for choosing the long-gone band Headboard to provide the music for this trailer. I used to listen to them like crazy back in the day. I was pretty stupid back then.

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