CGI feature film Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV is set before the events of Final Fantasy XV. As we’ve seen, the movie looks beautiful. But now, let’s get to know the incredibly real looking characters of Kingsglaive.

The movie is set against a war between the kingdom of Lucis and the empire of Niflheim as elite Lucis soldiers called the Kingsglaive defend the crown city against the imperial troops.

Via 4Gamer and this week’s Famitsu, here’s a look at some of the movie’s characters, along with their descriptions.

Nyx Ulric

The film’s protagonist, Nyx Ulric is a member of the Kingsglaive. When he was younger, King Regis rescued him during a time of war, and thus, Nyx feels as though he must repay a debt to the king. An excellent soldier, he also has a strong connection to the royal family’s magical powers.

Lunafrena Nox Fleuret

Luna is an Oracle who can communicate with the gods. Friends with Noctis since she was a child, she was supposed to take his hand in marriage.


The commander of the Kingsglaive, Drautos is not only extremely strict with others, but with himself. He taught Nyx what he knows about combat.

Libertus Ostium

Hailing from the same hometown as Nyx, the two are close friends. He’s described as upbeat and having a strong sense of duty. He does have a stubborn side.

Luche Lazarus

A self-styled leader within the Kingsglaive, he is smart and is seen as trustworthy.

Crowe Altius

Able to use magic, she grew up an orphan and considers the Kingsglavie her family.

Below are more stills from the upcoming film.

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