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The Final Fantasy XIV Server Congestion Relief Effort Has Begun

Illustration for article titled The emFinal Fantasy XIV/em Server Congestion Relief Effort Has Begun

After a little bit of overnight maintenance, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is back, with reduced load on its Duty Finder and three fresh servers, with Square Enix poised to add more as the need arises. Our connection nightmares should soon be over.


I called the re-launch of Final Fantasy XIV a disaster, and I stand by that. A week and a half of horrible server congestion and hiccups is not a good launch. Some very vocal folks have claimed to me that they've had no trouble at all getting into the game since it went live, and that's great — I'm jealous, even. Still, a good percentage of the game's player base has not had such luck. Square Enix has acknowledged it, they're giving everyone seven more days free game time, and now the server expansion begins.

They're starting with just three new servers, one for each region. Japan gets Pandemonium, North America has Famfrit, and the Euro-recommended server is Lich. Square Enix will be monitoring the situation, adding additional servers as the need arises. I've a feeling the server list is going to be huge by the time the weekend is over.


New servers plus a change in the way the game's party-making Duty Finder works — it was region wide, now restricted to certain server groups — should make for a better experience all around.

Hopefully we'll be able to spend this weekend playing together instead of trying to set me on fire with your mind. I'll either be on Durandal in Japan, working on Back Clawtooth the potential Bard, or lancing my way toward Dragoon on Sargatanas in North America with Mister Fahey.

It'll be a bumpy ride, but there's hope at the end of the line. Well, Lightning, at least.

Illustration for article titled The emFinal Fantasy XIV/em Server Congestion Relief Effort Has Begun

Okay, Close enough.

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