The Final Fantasy Social Game in which You Do NOTHING

Last week, as part of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy's Japanese launch, Square Enix released the tie-in promotional game, Social Theatrhythm. In this flash game, you create a character and then join up with three Twitter or Facebook friends to play a co-op version of Theatrhythm.


Of course by "play," I mean "do nothing." After choosing your party and who you want to fight, everything is automatic. Oh sure, it looks and sounds like you're playing Theatrhythm but clicking the mouse will do nothing to effect what your characters hit and miss. The game actually says that you don't need to do anything—the rhythm game bit is all automatic.

Since skill isn't a factor, the only way to get stronger is to enter training mode and level up. There, you chose either one of your friends or a stranger and watch a one-on-one mock battle. Win or lose, you get the same amount of experience, so it's best to battle the strongest person you can.

In the boss battles, you can only use your friends. So if you actually want to put in the time to beat Social Theatrhythm—though I am baffled as to why anyone would—you pretty much need at least one of your real life friends to level up a character as well.

After battling through all the other bosses—and leveling up for several hours—you reach the oddest thing in this game: a tonberry with the face of Ryota Yamazato—one half of the popular Japanese comedy duo, Nankai Candies. Watching him make weird faces is your only reward for playing this game (well, and being entered in a drawing to win a free 3DS).

Social Theatrhythm will only be playable till Mar. 30, but until then, all you need is a Twitter/Facebook account to sign up and try it for yourself. Of course, if the language barrier is too high—or if you value your free time—check out the video above to see this little social game in action.



So it's like every other social game ever?