That Final Fantasy Arcade Fighting Game Looks Bonkers

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I wasn’t really that excited after seeing the Dissidia Final Fantasy debut trailer. Nor did the news that Team Ninja was developing the game do that much for me. But this latest trailer? You have my attention, Tecmo Koei.


Make that, my full attention. The game will launch first only in arcades for a year in Japan, and after that, the smart money says there will be a PlayStation 4 version.

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lets look at the characters. i think the entire dissidia 012 cast will return and they said they plan to have around 50 characters

FF: Warrior of Light, Garland

FF II: Firion, Emperor

FF III: Onion Knight, Cloud of Darkness

FF IV: Cecil, Golbez, Kain

FF V: Bartz, Exdeath, Gilgamesh

FF VI: Terra, Kefka

FF VII: Cloud, Sephiroth, Tifa

FF VIII: Squall, Ultimecia, Laguna

FF IX: Zidane, Kuja

FF X: Tidus, Jecht

FF XI: Shantotto, Prishe

FF XII: Gabranth, Vaan

FF XIII: Lightning

confirmed new

FF XIV: Y’shtola

Tactics: Ramza

31 characters.

characters i would like to see

FF IV: Rydia

FF V: Faris, Galuf

FF VI: Celes, Sabin, Ultros

FF VII: Zack (maybe just a skin for cloud), Vincent

FF VIII: Seifer, Edea

FF IX: VIVI, Beatrix, Lani

FF X: Lulu, Seymore

X-2: Paine

FF XII: Ashe, Balthier, Vayne

FF XIII: Snow, Cid Raines

FF XIII-2: Caius