Dissidia Final Fantasy Takes The Fight To Japanese Arcades

Announced this weekend at the Japanese Amusement Expo, Dissidia Final Fantasy takes Square Enix's franchise-wide fighting game from the PSP to the arcade with three-on-three battles between a horde of iconic characters.


While more information is expected later this year, the first trailer (thanks Kev!) gives us a good idea of what Japanese arcade goers can expect—high-definition graphics, group battles, characters from franchise history all the way up to at least Final Fantasy XIV.

While nothing's been announced for consoles—it is an arcade-focused trade show, after all—it's easy to imagine a day when Final Fantasy fans could play this game or one much like this on their home console.



This arcade version has 3 vs 3 mode! Here's my question, because of the game's large arenas and the characters' 360 degrees mobility (you can essentially stay off the ground indefinitely in this game), the game has a camera lock-on system, which helps especially when your opponent is "flying" erratically really close to you.

How will this lock on work on 3 vs 3 mode? What happens when all your allies are down and the game becomes 1 vs 3? The lock-on system would not help, the camera would swing around too quickly between your multiple opponents, it would be disorienting as fuck.