The Wii's sensor bar is a flimsy little thing. It's pretty weak, too. What it needs, then, is MORE POWER, and that's exactly what these two handymen are proposing.

They've built the MegaBar, a large, powered infared source that lets you use a Wii Remote with accuracy well beyond the console's standard range. So, say, from the opposite end of a really big room.

It's the simplicity that's so great here. It's nothing convoluted, just two big sets of red lights that run on a power adapter, so you don't need batteries like other similar solutions. You can see it in operation in this video.

The MegaBar is being run by iphone software developer James Turner and his son Daniel, who if you're interested are running a Kickstarter project in the hopes of turning the thing into a small-scale commercial venture.

[via Make]