The FarmVille People Just Bought the Draw Something People For a Reported $200 Million

A conference call with Zynga's David Ko today confirmed rumors that the social game development company has acquired OMGPOP, the creators of mobile pictionary game Draw Something. Dan Porter, CEO of OMGPOP, will now be the Vice President and General Manager at Zynga Mobile NY. Zynga would not comment on the monetary value of the transaction, but the Wall Street Journal reports from an undisclosed source that the deal was in the general area of $200 million. As for the game itself, OMGPOP plans to implement highly requested features, including the ability to save pictures, chat, and other unannounced gameplay additions.


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They got robbed, I just bought it last night for $1.

Also, for people freaking out that Zynga bought it, the game already has paid DLC if you want more than 4-5 colors, how much worse can it get?