The Fantastic Fieldrunners Makes The PAX 10

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Fieldrunners, the pretty successful tower defense title for the iPhone, landed a spot today in the Penny Arcade Expo's PAX 10 indie game selections.


If you don't own an iPhone, you might know the game from a panel I covered at a Game Developers Conference 2009 called "No Publisher? No Problem! iPhone for Indies." Fieldrunner developers Sergei Gourski and Jamie Goch both spoke at the panel along with Wurdle co-creator, Adam Saltsman. Gourski had a lot of good advice to would-be indie iPhone devs, but it was Saltsman who made the panel memorable with a statement about quality being largely irrelevant for iPhone games.


Clearly, though, Fieldrunners is quality indie gaming. If you accept Penny Arcade as an arbiter of indie quality, anyway. Their other nine picks do include games that snagged Independent Games Festival awards at GDC this year, like Osmos, Machinarium and Tag: The Power of Paint.

Here's the whole list:

CarneyVale: Showtime
Puzzle Bloom
Tag: The Power of Paint
What is Bothering Carl?

The PAX 10 [via IndieGames]

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Christ, when will people stop ripping-off TF2?

EDIT: Referring to that image above.