The Eye Of The Tiger Plays Street Fighter In Tracksuits

This is the story of one hipster-doofus, loose on the streets of Tokyo in an attempt to prove his worth as a Street Fighter IV player. And it's more enjoyable than I just made it sound.


Why? Because as a video it's so easy on the eyes. It also takes in some of the city's key gaming hotspots, including one of the world's great arcades, the badass Shibuya Kaikan Monaco.

Try and ignore the guy in the tracksuit, then, and instead focus on the background, as if you've never been to the Japanese capital before - on a gaming pilgrimage or otherwise - it's a great travel report.


[thanks xCobalt!]

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Japan's an expensive place to chill out. If you live in the west coast, I suppose the travel and planet ticket are acceptable, but if you are in the east, forget about it.

Oh, and Osaka is an okay place. Ppl in Tokyo and Kyoto tend to be ruder than most of ill mannered New Yorkers.