You want a copy of Persona 4 Golden for the Vita, but can't decide whether to buy the game or spend all of your money on stickers? Are you one of 10,000 people? Then you've got a shot at paying an additional $30 for the Persona 4 Golden Solid Gold Premium Edition. I guess it comes with some cases or something as well.

If you're one of those people buying a Vita just to play the ultimate version of the delightfully yellow Persona 4,then this is the extra money you should pay. The Solid Gold Premium Edition comes with a branded Hori Hard Pouch, one of my favorite ways to lug about Sony's handheld, the incredibly convenient Hori Face Cover, and the same protective decorative skin offered to preorder customers, complete with matching Vita wallpapers.

And then there are stickers. Not just one sheet, but two freaking sheets. Look at those damn things. I'm going to stick them all over the freaking place.

Or, you know, just put them in a drawer and forget I have them until the next time I move.

The Persona 4 Golden Solid Gold Premium Edition is available for preorder at many fine places that do such things. There are only 10,000, so if you get one be sure to be a giant jerk about it.