Time changes us all. And not only us, but our rooms. Otaku are no exception!

This image show an otaku room circa-1985. Notice the Nintendo Famicom console on the floor as well as the VCR, record player and a robot figure. Hair is down.

Fast forward to 1995. Not much has changed. More game consoles (SEGA!), laser discs and a fancy computer. The amount of cute in the room has increased. Hair is up!


Present day. I see fancy new tech, but...where are my robots? Lots of posters and figures of female characters. There is a hug pillow. Hair is...bed head.

The reason for the drastic change is of course due to the wide-spread proliferation of moé during the late 1990s and during this past decade.


The images are from a while back (the 300th anniversary issue of Japan's New Type magazine). Here is a rather normal looking room for an "otome" (princess), who might be interested in dating games or anime, but certainly isn't hardcore. Which brings us to...

Fujoshi ("rotten girl") are the female equivalent of male otaku. Here is a fujoshi room.


Graphical Depiction of Otaku [Maskawaih via カラパイア via Sankaku Complex via Alafista]