The Evil Within, Gone Wrong Thanks To Glitches

Shinji Mikami's latest take on survival horror looks like an intense affair full of blood and guts. But it also occasionally has some bugs—many of which make the game way more hilarious than it intends to be.


Here are some of our favorite picks of glitches or goofy moments that people around the web have found while playing The Evil Within. They may not be common, but they're definitely pretty great. Take the enemy captured above by BakkinBakkingamu, for example. Aww, he can't handle a fence!

Some more glitches and funny moments:

Infinite Ladders

True horror are stairs that never end, as Lukemoon finds out in this clip. While it's a small moment, it sets the stage for the next glitch.


Invisible ladders

Imagine coming across this chainsaw guy, as Hypnox Gaming does. You get frantic. You run away, you try to take some shots at him—anything to keep yourself alive. And suddenly...he just climbs invisible stairs and goes under the stage? Uhhhh.

Looks like The Evil Within might have some issues with stairs, eh?

Spooky wig

Here's a really strange one. Maximilien Orban gets stuck at a certain point in the game—and sure, that's a thing that happens in games sometimes. No biggie. What makes this funny is that while the protagonist, Sebastian Castellanos, stays in place, his hair and his lamp do not. Err?


Fusing with a boss

There's nothing quite like the high of finally beating a boss and thinking, thank god it's over. In this case, however, the death of the boss is only the beginning for QueenRoadKillCandy, as the game bizarrely decides to fuse him with the body of the creature. Admittedly, while this makes me laugh, I'd probably be pretty pissed if it happened to me!


Nurse Legs

Ryan Acheson finds that in The Evil Within, nurse's legs don't quite work the same way they do in our world.


You spin me right round

Why stay dead when you can spin around? Kingdom of Nerdum does manage to get rid of the body, but only after burning it. Of course.


Walking into walls

The keeper is a pretty terrifying enemy...that is, when he works the way he's supposed to. I wouldn't feel too bad for Captain Fluff-san though, this means he can kill boxhead pretty easily. Considering the relentless nature of The Evil Within, that's not such a bad thing.


Have you come across any funny moments or glitches while playing The Evil Within? Let us know in the comments.

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I had that exact same glitch, the first one with the enemy and the fence. Same spot too.

Made it real easy to sneak up and stab him in the brain >:D