[Image: pikachu25volt]

Ash’s Pikachu has several rivals, including Meowth and Eevee. But the biggest rivalry of them has been with Raichu. In the newest Pokémon anime, that clash continues.

There is a reason for this antagonism. Website Pokémon Amino explains: “Any Raichu would act as a rival towards it’s pre evolution form, Pikachu, and Raichu in the anime mostly appear to be [a] smug Pokémon, that enjoy seeing their pre evolution form struggle.” 

Thus, we have this classic GIF from an old episode:

[GIF via YakkiOnigiriZoro]

This is also why in the latest one both still get in each other’s grill. 

The references to the earlier conflict are hardly subtle.

While the animation is goofy-looking, the Pokémon Sun Moon anime continues to get more and more interesting for longtime fans. 

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