The Entire Xbox E3 Press Conference Leaked Before It Started

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Microsoft is a leaky company, but today we saw something unprecedented: Minutes before the Xbox E3 press conference, the entire lineup leaked on Twitter.


Granted, we already knew a lot of it. Kotaku broke news of Xbox Slim and Scorpio last month, and leaks last week pointed to Dead Rising 4 and State of Decay 2, among other things. But the Twitter account NerdLeaks had access to the entire schedule just a few minutes before it went live, and they nailed it:

Don’t you love E3?



Anyone else massively let down? I’m worried about Scorpio, so that was a negative for me. I don’t personally care about a few of the games. I’m curious about Scalebound, but this didn’t make me want to play it anymore. Sea of Thieves was something I thought was cool before, but I definitely won’t play it now. I don’t have a group of friends who will play it, and I don’t want to have to work online with random people to work my boat. It seems like it will be a disaster. And all I want from Halo Wars is more playable races, and we don’t know yet, but this makes it look like that won’t happen.

The one thing that I think I would have been interested in was ReCore, but my stream screwed up at that point, so I saw only a bit of it.