The Entire Intro To Star Wars, Remade In Minecraft

If the original Star Wars movie was shot in Minecraft, a) we'd be living in an era of time travel (please let us know when Half-Life 3's coming out. Thanks.) and b) it'd look like the video above. One out of two ain't bad. Check out the start of A New Hope, Minecraft-style.


The short clip was made by our favorite Star Wars-loving Minecraft fan, a man named Grahame—Paradise Decay on YouTube—who has also rendered Empire Strikes Back's Hoth battle and asteroid chase in Minecraft, A New Hope's trench run and this one.


Here are all three of his older shorts in one clip:

Maybe LucasArts should give the exclusive Star Wars gaming license to this guy.

So good!

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Have to say: I'm impressed with the builds. But the way it's done is pretty poor.

But, I don't play Minecraft so I don't know it's limitations and how good this actually is compared to what others can do in it.