The Elder Scrolls Online Gets Morrowind Expansion

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Today Bethesda announced a new expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online. The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind will add the island of Vvardenfell to the game, allowing players to explore the iconic setting from The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


In a live stream today, Bethesda and Zenimax Online Studio revealed that the latest expansion to The Elder Scrolls Online would finally allow players to quest in locations from Morrowind. Before now, players could journey to some parts of the continent of Morrowind but never had the chance to quest in Vvardenfell itself. The Elder Scrolls Online is set centuries before Morrowind and will allow players to explore the setting during during its prime.

New players will be able to buy the expansion and the base game together for $59.99. Players who already own a copy of the Tamriel Unleashed version of the game can add the expansion for $39.99. It will release on June 6th.

The Elder Scrolls Online has added areas and storylines through downloadable content before now. The game added the Orc city of Orsinium back in 2015 and finally brought the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood to the game last year.

In addition, the expansion will finally bring a new player class to the game. The Warden will fight using earth based magic and also have an adorable but deadly bear companion. I’m going to call mine The Barbearian and can bearly wait to explore the world with him and find out bearing while exploring Vvardenfell.

I haven’t played The Elder Scrolls Online for quite some time but the promise of exploring the best damn setting of any Elder Scrolls game has me genuinely excited to return.



“Hey Elder Scrolls fans, we’re finally returning to the setting of our most beloved game!”


“It’s an expansion to our MMO!”


“It’ll cost $60!”