The Elder Scrolls Now Has a Nightclub. In Malaysia.

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It all seems totally unofficial/copyright infringing, of course, but here it is: a recently-opened club in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur, called Black Magic, has as its logo the Imperial Seal from the Elder Scrolls series.


The logo was first spotted last month, just after the club had opened. It's not a homage, it's not an approximation, it's literally the game's most iconic logo lifted and plastered atop

While the dragon motif will be in everyone's head from Skyrim, remember it's been used in plenty of other Elder Scrolls games as well. So if you want to call this a Morrowind rip-off, I'm not going to stop you.

Malaysian Club rips-off Skyrim logo [Reddit]



Well nobody is getting in then because all the doors will be broken or locked up. Unless your really lucky that is and can get em to work.