Today Dorkly asks, "What if the world's most popular websites were Pokemon?" Ash probably would have had a hard time collecting all of those gym badges with Pornotubeon at his side.

If you could carry around any website in a ball in your pocket, bringing it out whenever you pleased to rollick and play a midst the tall grass, which would you choose?


Would you go with Facespook, the ultimate evolution of Myspectre?

Perhaps the internet-toughness of Torchan, keeper of the mighty Flamewarthrower?

All nice choices, but what if you had one Pokemon that could evolve into any of seven different ultimate forms, one of which is a pink and yellow, video game obsessed squirrel-looking thing?


Maybe I'm a little biased.

For more website-based Pokemon and other internet rage-inducing humor, head over to Dorkly right now.

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