The new DOOM game is surprisingly awesome, and like Wolfenstein and Fallout, it’s full of humorous easter eggs and subtle nods to other games.

Warning: Some of these might be considered spoilers!

Skyrim’s Arrow to the Knee Meme

Image Credit: Dynasty

The Thumbs Up Death From Terminator 2

Video Credit: Grizwords

Vault-Tech From Fallout

Image Credit: Shinto29


Commander Keen’s Head...On A Stick

Video Credit: GameRevolution GR

DOOM 3's Soul Cube Weapon

Video Credit: Gamer5098


A Bejeweled-Style Mini-Game Because Of Course

Video Credit: EizenLIVE - youtube & streaming

A Mini-Game Where You...Punch Turkeys?


Video Credit: PS4Trophies

Old School Levels From The Original Games

Image Credit: IGN


The Infamous Icon of Sin From DOOM 2

Video Credit: Conargle


Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments.