The Division's Daily Missions Keep Disappearing

Is a Daily Mission really daily if it doesn’t happen every day? That’s the new philosophical dilemma facing The Division, an online shooter in which players travel through New York City wishing they were traveling through space.

Early this morning, The Division players discovered that today’s Daily Missions—regular activities that grant credits and crafting materials—are non-existent. This has happened several times over the past few weeks. It’s fair to say Ubisoft’s popular shooter is going through a bit of a rough patch thanks to glitches, exploits, and a disappointing incursion.


This morning, the official Twitter account for The Division sent out a somewhat ominous message:

The devs at Ubisoft Massive say they’ll be issuing a hotfix tomorrow to prevent this from happening again in the future. Though they haven’t given any official explanation, Redditor TigeroftheWind has poked around in the source code (which he used to successfully predict this week’s ISAC.exe mission) and found that Massive’s programmers accidentally put in an entry for April 31, 2016. (There is no April 31.) Whoops!

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