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The Division 2 won’t be landing on Steam initially and will, in fact, launch on the Epic Games store on March 15, reports. The Epic Games store is skimming only 12% off sales compared to Steam’s 30%, making it an attractive option for game developers. added that publisher Ubisoft will be working with Epic on “additional select titles” throughout 2019.


Senior reporter at Kotaku.

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I maintain that Epic’s store is a good thing. I know we have the memory of goldfish but people hated Steam when it launched, and hated that it held certain games exclusive to the platform. Well, they have to. This *is* how you get customers. “Please shop here” won’t cut it against a defacto Monopoly that controls almost 70-80% of PC sales, Epic *has* to lock things in to bring you in.

I’m still flabbergasted at the self-proclaimed “pro-consumer” gaming audience *demanding* the continued survival of a monopoly on their PC sales.