Now that we've gotten all of that superhero nonsense out of the way, it's time for the Infinity 2.0 figures that true Disney fans have been waiting for.

Available starting yesterday, the Disney Infinity: Toy Box Starter Pack is a special pakcage for Disney fans who opted out of the big Marvel Super Heroes release back in September. For $59.99 fans get access to the new and improved creative Toy Box game mode, Stitch and Merida figures and a pair of discs that unlock special mini-games โ€” "Stitch's Tropical Rescue" and "Brave Forest Siege".

The figures are also available separately, which is good as Stich and Merida are two of my favorite figures from the batch. Merida's trademark curls, seen above, translated wonderfully to the Infinity style, and Stitch is freaking adorable.

Other standouts from the batch include Baymax and Hiro from Big Hero 6, though I am so hyped for the stupid film at this point I'm prepared to love anything that even vaguely resembles the characters.


Donald Duck makes his Infinity debut in this wave, his figure embodying the dickishness that's made him so well-loved among fans for some reason.


What a duckhead.

My favorite from the batch however, is an even more beloved classic.


When I was a child, Peter Pan's Tinkerbell was always a favorite. Something about having a tiny friend flying about made me happy, especially one easily resuscitated from near-death by simply believing in her.

The Tinkerbell figure is wearing green undergarments. I know this because of journalism.

I'm not quite as pleased with the final two figures, not from a quality standpoint or anything โ€” there's just something off about them.


In the case of Aladdin, it's his face. Those cocked eyebrows, the cheesy grin โ€” I just want to punch him. And he wouldn't even care. He'd just shrug it off. Jerk.

And then there's Maleficent.


My problem with Disney's queen baddie is that I'd rather something closer to the original character, rather than a figure that's trying to look like Angelina Jolie. I read in an interview a while back that the figure had to be approved by Jolie before it went into production. I guess Maleficent is all about her now.

Overall I'm really impressed with the set. The characters made a fine transition to the Infinity style and are a fine addition to the collection.