James Silva has taken time out from his busy coding schedule to blog about some of the different ways you will be able to slice foes in his XBLA kill 'em up The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai.

Story Mode is.. well, its the one with the plot (dunno - something about washing dishes and cutting people into small chunks), 14 levels worth of bad guy killing and guitar solos over 3 difficulty modes.


Dish Challenge is a combo-based mode that increases your score multiplier the longer you can maintain an unbroken run of murderous moves. Silva reckons he can score around the 500 million mark by trying to beat entire levels in just one continuous combo, so you'd better get practicing.

Arcade mode looks like the best for a quick fix of ultra violence - short one-roomed areas with themed sub-modes like 'Everyone takes 4x damage' and 'Monsters are only damaged while airborne'.

Crazy Modes [James Silva devblog]

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