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The Depressing Black Market That's Ripping Off Video Games

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If you thought that those responsible for cloning and ripping off other people's work on phone stores were working in blissful isolation, you're wrong. And underestimating the size of the market for this kind of junk. Cloning phone games is big business, and the business is disgusting.

The Tumblr I Want A Clone is a depressing catalogue of all the sites, forums and marketplaces offering - or seeking - clone work. And it's not even subtle.


It gets worse. There are books on the subject. And this post is just...gross, using words like "reskinning" to obfuscate the fact that there's a booming business in literally stealing other people's hard work and putting your name over the top of it.


Perhaps the saddest part of it all, though, is how mechanical this all is. There's no labour of love, extensive playtesting or market research here. Those paying the bills want games knocked out in under 72 hours, and do not want that conveyor belt to stop.

If I made games for a living, relying upon the sales of my unique idea to pay the bills, and looked at this site, I would probably cry myself to death.


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