Not only did lots of people buy DS role-playing-game Dragon Quest IX at launch, lots of different kinds of people.

Japanese website Gpara surveyed 99 gamers in Tokyo's Akihabara, Yurakucho, Shinjuku and Ikebukuro with these three questions:

1. What are your feelings about purchasing DQIX?
2. Out of DQs I-VIII, which is your favourite?
3. What other games are you playing at present?

And here's a diverse sample of answers:

Male, 26 years (Model):
A1. I've been playing DQIX whenever I go to my friend's house, so I've seen it as an example, and so I just kind of lined up to buy it. As such, I think my anticipation level's a bit different from the people around me (laughs).
A2. I haven't played any other ones before.
A3. Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G on PSP

Female, 63 years (Author):
A1. I've been playing the DQ series since the first installment, so i'm looking forward to this release, too.
A2. I like Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen.
A3. Ace Attorney Investigations, 3D Picross and Shin Sangoku Musou.


Male, 18 years (High school student):
A1. I'm happy to have bought it. I look forward to battling with monsters.
A2. Dragon Quest III and Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride.
A3. I'm not playing anything else at the moment.

Female, 25 years (Apparel store employee)
A1. I want to enjoy it during break with everyone at work. As a side note, my coworkers are all getting DQIX, too.
A2. I like Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King.
A3. I'm in the middle of playing Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G on the PSP.

Male, 51 years (Office worker)
A1. I didn't think I'd be able to buy it, so I'm happy I was able to.
A2. I love Dragon Quest III.
3. Currently, nothing.


Old and young, male and female, everybody in Japan loves Dragon Quest. (Well, not everybody, but still!) Feel free to answer the survey yourself.

どの作品が好き?「ドラクエ アンケート」『IX』購入者99人に聞きました [Gpara via Siliconera]