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The Definitive Video Game For The Least Popular Gaming Machine Around

Illustration for article titled The Definitive Video Game For The Least Popular Gaming Machine Around

Tearaway, I write in today's New York Times, is a system-defining game for the PlayStation Vita. It's as perfect for Vita as Super Mario 64 was for the N64 and Brain Age was for the DS.

Some music is made for violin and unimaginable for trumpet. Other pieces are best on piano, worst on drums. Some video games are also like this, designed particularly for a particular instrument. An oddity called Tearaway, recently released by the British studio Media Molecule, is one such game. It enjoys the fortune and suffers the misfortune of being perfect for the unorthodox and not very popular hand-held PlayStation Vita...

A struggling system can certainly have a great game that is perfectly tailored for it, and that is what we have with Tearaway. It's a piece of music well worth playing. But you'll have to buy an obscure instrument just for it.


Read the rest in today's paper or on the Times' site. And read our own Kotaku review, too. Better yet... play this game!


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Pretty sure, by most standards (e.g. sales), that the WiiU is the least popular gaming machine around.