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The Dead Space Trailer the ESRB Doesn't Want Shown (in the US)

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Arstechnica reports that the so-called "Lullaby Trailer" above, is verboten for US release per the ESRB. Said Electronic Arts to Arstechnica: "This is called the Lullaby Trailer, and is banned here in the US (well not banned, but wasn't approved) by the ESRB because well, it's pretty gory. EU was allowed to have it and Gametrailers posted it up." I know I've been really sweet on Dead Space lately, but vids like this earn it. So what's the verdict here gang? There's a decapitation, and a de-legging, and a buncha bodies, and floating blood and gore, and a zombiefied Isaac. The worst part of this, for me, is the pained singing of the lullaby. Please, pairing bloody violence with a child's song? So overdone. Granted, this is intense (for a trailer anyway) and I can't imagine it being shown on television. But why is this trailer a no-go for U.S. release, but OK for Europe? Two Dead Space Trailers, One the ESRB Doesn't Want You to See [Arstechnica]