The Darkness II Slips From Crowded Fall to Early (Still Crowded) 2012

Illustration for article titled emThe Darkness II/em Slips From Crowded Fall to Early (Still Crowded) 2012

The thinning of the fall and winter 2011 video game herd claims a victim today, as 2K Games delays Digital Extremes' The Darkness II. Originally on the books for an October release, 2K is now aiming the first-person shooter for February 2012.


2K updated the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 game's release date today to February 7 of next year in North America, February 10 internationally.

Fans of The Darkness can take solace in the slippage by keeping an eye on the game's presence at Comic-Con this week. Celebrating the 15th anniversary of The Darkness, co-creator Marc Silvestri, Top Cow comics president Matt Hawkins, voice talent Mike Patton and developers from Digital Extremes will all attend the "Spreading The Darkness: From Comic Book to Video Games and Entertainment" panel this Thursday.


The Darkness II's delay frees up fans of the first-person shooter to spend more time with some of October's other genre contenders, including Rage and Battlefield 3.

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Koda Kazar

This is a delay that I am happy for. I want this game to succeed. It would've been sent to die if it came out this fall. The first game sold so well because it was released in the summer, so it had nothing to steal away sales. I don't know if early 2012 is the right spot, though. They probably should push it back to the summer where it could shine like an oasis in the middle of a desert again.