Kotaku readers, after a day of video game news and discussion, let's insert a little combo breaker, tonight's open thread where you can discuss whatever you want to, video game related or not.

If you haven't already seen it, the most exciting nerd development of the day is the reveal of The Dark Knight Rises teaser poster at the movie's official site. I may be hyping myself into potentially dangerous territory for the next Chris Nolan-directed super hero flick, but I'm trying to keep my cool. It's bizarre seeing movies promoted, leaked and dissected on the internet in amazing detail. I kind of miss being surprised by movies (and video games), something that doesn't happen very often.


Are you on any media blackouts right now? Anything you're rabidly anticipating but hoping not to spoil for yourself? You can talk about that or anything else you want to in the comments. Good knight.

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