Why make boring looking warning signs when you can make cute ones? Seriously.

Photographer Luca Eandi has been uploading sign photos to the Tumblr blog Signs of Japan. Many are adorable, and provide a nice look at Japanese graphic design and visual culture.

The sign warns people not to enter because the construction site behind the gates is dangerous.


If you drop something on the tracks, tell a station employee. They have a long claw!



Even if run like this.

There’s a camera at the railroad crossing, kids. They’re watching you.


Please put your dog on a leash and pick up the animal’s pooh.

Watch your head.


Same sign, different version.

Watch out for children.


This guy again. Now, he’s telling us that only authorized people may enter.

Another, watch out for kids sign.


Please do not take your eyes off small children—even if you do not have eyes.

For more photos, check out Signs of Japan.

All photos: Luca Eandi | Signs of Japan.

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