The Custom PC of Yesterday's Future, Today

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PC case mods aren't always about adding character and catching the eye. As this lovely design by Swedish artist Love Hulten demonstrates, it can also be about adding sophistication and capturing the hi-fi spirit of yesteryear.


This particular case made the rounds last year, but the design is timeless. Well, perhaps timeless is the wrong word to use. It's definitely got a sort of 50's vibe to it, that odd mixture of natural wood and cutting-edge (at the time) technology that threatened to transform our homes into buzzing bio-electronic hives.

I love the look, personally. It reminds me of the enormous television we had at home when I was a child, encased in its own wooden console. So many times I found myself lying behind it with a screwdriver, staring at the pattern of circular holes cut into the pressboard as I unhooked our cable box to connect my Atari 2600.

You ruined everything, plastic.

Hulten even managed to work up his own little 1960's-style ad for his creation. Sexy, isn't it?

Illustration for article titled The Custom PC of Yesterday's Future, Today

I highly recommend visiting Hulten's website to check out his other creations. His custom Mame cabinet has to be seen to be believed.


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I love how things that we refer to as "retro" are often things that, at the time, were supposed to be "from the world of tomorrow".

Personally, I'm kinda let done that everything isn't made of chrome or look like if a 57 impala fucked a zeppelin.