The Cursed Crusade Gets Medieval On Your PS3, PC, Xbox 360 Next Year

Illustration for article titled The Cursed Crusade Gets Medieval On Your PS3, PC, Xbox 360 Next Year

Atlus, publisher of uniquely Japanese fare like Persona and Demon's Souls, is looking to the Europe and the Crusades for their next potential breakout hit, The Cursed Crusade. It's coming to the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC next summer.


The action-adventure game from French developer Kylotonn Entertainment tells the tale of two damned Crusaders—Denz, a holy Templar, and Esteban, a roguish mercenary—and their struggle to save their souls. How will they do that? Seemingly by killing tons of dudes in bloody, weapons-based combat.

"The raw, gritty accuracy of many of the game's historical locations is sharply contrasted by Denz and Esteban's supernatural struggle to save their souls," says Atlus. "Their affliction, the Templar's Curse, threatens to accelerate their descent into hell, burning their humanity away as it engulfs the space around them in demonic flame."

If you're looking for more combat in the vein of, say, Demon's Souls with the Atlus stamp of approval, maybe this might be what you're looking for. Who knows? The Cursed Crusade could have nothing of the depth or charm of From Software's dark fantasy, but it looks like Atlus is trying to give its fans something along those same lines.

See The Cursed Crusade in video teaser form and stills in the gallery, then check out the game's official site for more.


Looks more fast-paced. Definitely combo-based combat there. No

stamina meter.

Don't know if it can be called "Demon's Souls-ish" if not the sense

of resource management from defense and offense stays.

The rather normal use of weapons and that realism (compared to

Ninja Gaiden or a typical jrpg) made even slow and ponderous

enemies a challenge and if those go, then you need to bump up the

enemies speed as well.

This doesn't mean it won't be a good game though. It simply just be

a Demon's souls clone.