The Countries Mini-Bash Knows

To: Crecente From: Bashcraft Mini-Bash has been running around the house the last few days, randomly saying the names of countries. It seems he's learning the names of nations and their corresponding flags at school. So far, he knows: Japan, India, the United States, France, Indonesia, China, Spain, Russia, Nepal, the United Kingdom, Iceland, Mexico, North Korea, South Korea, Canada, Vietnam, Germany and Kazakhstan. Good to see him learning about the world around him. But yet, for some reason, he also thinks Texas is its own country... What you missed last night Rockstar Exec "Not Sure" About Xbox 360 DLC Release Date The Cause of DSi's Reduced Battery Power Might Be... Shigeru Miyamoto Tight Lipped About HD Wii Here Are Your Nintendo Wii Sneakers Which Square Enix Games Have Been Selling This Year?


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