Sure Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII has great gameplay and fun musical quirks, but let's be serious: We don't care about that. We're all here just because we want to dress up Lightning in awesome costumes.

There are dozens of unlockable costumes in Lightning Returns to choose from—many of these being inspired by the outfits of past Final Fantasy series characters. Each of these can be altered to be any color you wish. Then there are the myriad of decorations you can add to the costumes to further customize Lightning’s appearance. And to top it off, we have the game's weapons and shields which can truly make or break her ensemble!

To see how all this comes together, check out the video above where I walk you through the costume customization editor in detail.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII was released on November 21, 2013, for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in Japan. It will be released in North America on February 11, 2014, and in Europe on February 14, 2014.


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