The Cost Of Playing Star Trek Online

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Cryptic and Atari have announced the subscription rates for Star Trek Online, finally giving players an idea of the cost of playing the Trek-themed MMO, aside from sleep deprivation and a gradual loss of skin pigment.

Cryptic is going with the current paid MMO standard of $14.99 a month for Star Trek Online, but there are several options for the dedicated Star Trek fan to get more for his or her money. For instance, there's the 12-month plan for $119.99, which drops the price $3 for a year and grants two additional character slots. Better hurry up on that one though, as it's only being offered through February 2nd.

Then there's the ultimate Star Trek Online membership, the lifetime commitment. $239.99 scores a player lifetime access to the game, along with two additional character slots and access to a Starship captain who has recently been reclaimed from the Borg collective. Yes, playing with the Borg always comes at a price, and like the 12-month plan, you've only got until February 2nd to commit. Resistance, as they say, is futile.


"This subscription pricing and launch promotion announcement is one of the last steps we take before officially releasing Star Trek Online," said Craig Zinkievich, Executive Producer on Star Trek Online. "We are absolutely thrilled to reveal these final details and we are incredibly excited about launching Star Trek Online this February. For us, this marks the beginning of our game's life — a life of new adventures, discoveries, and dangers. Truly, ours is a universe that will never stop expanding and we simply cannot wait for people to experience it with us."

It all comes to a head on February 2nd. Mark your stardate calendars, ladies and gentlemen.

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Has anyone tried the open beta yet? I would like to hear impressions from experienced MMO players.