Portland had a big geek gathering this past weekend and, wouldn't you know it, many most excellent cosplayers were out in force at the Rose City Comic-Con. Here's Iron Totoro or, as I like to call him, My Neighbor Tony Stark. Come on through for more costuming that runs the gamut from cute to creepy.

Sure, you'll see a bunch of people done up as familiar Marvel characters in the photos below. But you'll also get a look at some great Fire Emblem, Corpse Bride and Skyrim cosplay, too. These pics come from documentary series/social network Cosplay Boom and all photos and stills were taken by Todd Kenreck and Meagan Sadler. The first episode of the Cosplay Boom docu-series premieres on September 30th. If you like fancy-pants genre-based dress-up, then you know what to do.

Alan Huang as Rinzler from Tron

Alli White (Skirtzzz) & Mike Cech as Tinkerbell and Peter Pan from Hook

Andrea Taber as Loki

Bill Doran (Punished Props) as Commander Shepard from Mass Effect

Brady Danger Gage as Iron Man

Carmen Melendez and Ben Misenar as The Monarch & Dr. Girlfriend from The Venture Bros.

CoreGeek associates as Loki and The Mad Hatter

CoreGeek associate as Carl Fredricksen from Up

Agents of A.I.M costumes by Kevin Pishion

Dahlia Cortez as The Corpse Bride

Danielle Preston as Faora from Man of Steel

Declan Tucker as a Cyberman

Lord Mason's Extraordinary Designs' Steampunk Engineer

Macavite as Iron Totoro

Mike Vaster as Captain Jack Sparrow

Peter Phillip as Skullkid from The Legend of Zelda, Ziah Foster as Happy Mask Salesman and Josh Pelkey as Rorschach from Watchmen

Phil Brown as Black Knight from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance

Rachel Wade & Brandon Hilton as Morticia & Gomez Addams

Ryan Wells as Hoggle from Labyrinth

Sandy Iwata (Run, Silly!) as The Wiseman from Labyrinth

Terry Taber as Captain America

Will Morgan (WMArmory) as The Cultist from Skyrim

York Bezbozny as Captain America and Cam Dahl as Winter Soldier