The Console Wars In Sexy Comic Book Form

When one gamer's FoxBox630 fails, he trades up to the ESexy3. When the FoxBox630 returns from the shop, it's war. This is Ryan Kinnaird's Next Gen Warz, a two-issue comic series due in September from Image Comics.

Writer and artist Ryan Kinnaird used to do illustrations for PSM, and in 2003 created a "mature" Marvel miniseries called X-Men: Phoenix – Legacy of Fire. Now's he back in the comic book spotlight, leveraging his love of writing, drawing, and gaming into a two-issue miniseries for Image Comics that turns the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 into fighting femme fatales.


In an interview with Newsarama, Kinnaird explains the series' spin.

The big spin in the story is that the consoles are actually female characters, with competitive personalities, and a desire to be known as the best. The battle itself takes several of the tropes from the video game world, like fanboys, outspoken developers, and spin doctoring hardware manufacturers and has the consoles use that as ammunition against one another. The consoles battle to show who is most "giga," and demonstrate who is most desirable. In flame war-like fashion they summon developers and video game characters to help demonstrate their superiority.

So it's an intellectual take on the video game console wars with female characters representing the systems. Neat. Why is the Xbox 360 red, and covered in whipped cream?


Don't worry, Nintendo fans. The "Gee" makes an appearance in the second issue, which should be out shortly after the first issue's September 22 release.

Videogame Giants Take Female Form in Images's NEXT GEN WARZ []

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