All you southpaw gamers out there should rejoice... and then get to controller mapping, the developers behind The Conduit are looking for a few extra preset controller configurations to include when their shooter ships next year. “From the start of the project our primary goal has been to make the definitive first person shooter for the Wii, and specifically for core gamers. Asking core gamers for their input is just a logical extension of that rationale,” commented Kerry J. Ganofsky, Chief Executive Officer. To enter you need to come up with a control scheme that uses a standard Wii Remote and Nunchuk combination. Gamers need to include the following functions:1. Move Forward/Back 2. Strafe Left/Right 3. Jump/Activate 4. Shoot Weapon 5. Target Lock 6. Crouch 7. Reload Weapon 8. Scope/Binocular Mode 9. Switch Between Weapons Carried 10. Switch Between Grenades Carried 11. Pause Menu 12. Swap Between Weapon Carried and Weapon on Ground 13. Equip ASE (All-Seeing-Eye) / Special 14. Aim Reticule/Turn Camera 15. Melee Attack 16. Throw Grenade Entries also need to suggest Wii motions to trigger actions. Entries should be sent to with the subject line of “Conduit Controller Mapping Contest”. Winning entries will be made available for selection through the UI as official controller schemes for The Conduit, with appropriate in-game credit given to their creators. Contest entries must be received prior to November 14, 2008. Entries using duplicate schemes will be awarded based on whichever was received first. Winners grant permission to High Voltage Software (HVS) to use his/her name for professional and promotional purposes. All entries become the property of HVS and under no conditions does HVS promise any financial or monetary compensation to those who enter.


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