The Colorful Character Creation of Guild Wars 2's Most Exotic Races

This past weekend's final Guild Wars 2 beta event gave players access to the plant-based Sylvari and the Muppet-based Asura for the first time. Thousands of new characters were made, and it looked something like this.

As expected, the Asura are now officially the cutest thing ever. Those big eyes, the floppy ears, the air of racial superiority; they are the most adorably insufferable characters you'll ever meet. They make me want to role-play kicking them. That's powerful mojo right there.

The Sylvari are Guild Wars 2's youngest race, having sprung forth fully-formed from a tree relatively recently. They are curious, innocent, and delicious with a little ranch dressing. ArenaNet needs to make a Hidden Valley raid dungeon. It's where the flavor is.


Mind the Asura video, which repeats. I'm re-rendering the video as we speak, so expect this sentence to disappear later today.

Guild Wars 2 launches next month.

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I only played long enough to make an Asari and Sylvari character, and explore the starting locations. I don't want to spoil the gameplay experience, but I wanted to test out the character creator to narrow down what my future characters look like, and see some of the amazing home city locations they have.

The game just comes out too soon to spend time playing a character that I wont keep.