The Classic Dune Board Game Is Coming Back After Over 30 Years Out Of Print

With a new Dune movie on the way, it’s time to start digging up the property’s old tie-ins, and there’s no better place to start than the critically-acclaimed—and long out of print—board game.

Designed by the same team behind Cosmic Encounter and first published in 1979, Dune would be re-released in 1984 alongside David Lynch’s movie, and then it just faded away. Despite being loved by players (and receiving a reprint in French in the early 90s), the Dune game disappeared from public eye, leading collectors and fans to treasure any copies they could get their hands on.


Here’s a breakdown of how it works:

Having spent 35 years out of print, though, the new movie (and the board game resurgence in general) means it’s time for the game to make an English-language comeback, with a new version announced last week at GAMA (a big board games trade show). As reported by Tabletop Gaming, here’s one of the game’s original creators:

There’s not too much more to go on from that, but even if it’s just the same game with new art, this is very good news.

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