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The Childhood Memories Locked Inside Our Lost Toys

Few physical objects are as emotionally charged as children's toys. They absorb our memories and moods, holding them until an errant look or touch brings them flooding back. Lost Toys from Barking Mouse Studios is a taste of that.


Mobiles filled with forgotten childhood icons hang in a forgotten room, wooden idols charred and misshapen. There is such sadness in these discarded playthings, but with some patience and puzzle-savvy they can be restored.

This is a simple, beautiful game. The toys are twisted apart like primitive Rubik's creations, and players must realign them within a set number of moves. Do so correctly, and those lost bits of childhood wonder burst to life with the vibrant colors that kept some unknown child rapt in some unremembered time.

This is a relaxing journey. There are no timers, no points — there is no real pressure. Just an extensive series of dolls, cars, robots and ray guns, waiting for someone to touch them back together. You feel the texture of the wood on your fingers while the haunting music of Peter Rudenko plays in the background.


Lost Toys is a rainy afternoon in your grandmother's attic, rummaging through boxes for moments long gone but never completely forgotten.

Lost Toys

Genre: Puzzle

Developer: Barking Mouse Studios

Platform: iOS (Android planned)

Price: $3.99

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I still encounter my favorite childhood toy on a regular basis.