Black Friday 2013: Brawls, Trampling, Shootings

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To those out looking for a bargain, Black Friday can seem like the best day of the year. Which it might be. If it wasn't for all the fighting, and trampling, and tazing, and stabbings, and shootings.


Come on, America. Is a cheap TV, $99 tablet or a free pair of socks with every purchase worth all that mess? And, in some instances, violence?

Below is just a selection of some of the chaos people are reporting from this year's sales, with most predictably coming from Walmart stores.

The saddest may be from Romeoville, though, where police have shot a suspected shoplifter following a botched escape that left another police officer injured.


Here's a Walmart in Puerto Rico:

And here's the aftermath:

Some news stations are also reporting crazy and disturbing scenes:



Just watching the carnage from over here.