The Changing Face Of Games Journalism

In this final season two episode of Players Only with Scott Steinberg, Crecente and Totilo join Oddworld's Lorne Lanning, Cliff Bleszinski, and many more as they discuss the evolution of games journalism.

It seems that the vast majority of the industry professionals in the video agree. Games journalism has definitely changed drastically over the past decade, though definitely not for the worse...unless of course you're a big fan of magazines. I was actually discussing this with a friend this past weekend, how the internet hasn't just given us more information, but a greater hunger for information that desperately needs to be sated, and sated relatively quickly. People just aren't satisfied reading a story two months after the news hits anymore. That's where websites like the one you are currently reading come in.


Having grown up plastering video game ads from magazines on my wall as a child and having to avoid slipping on a deep pile of said magazines every time I had to use the bathroom, I am a little bit nostalgic for the heyday of print. Printing out banner ads on my inkjet just isn't the same, and the bathroom is not the best place for a laptop.

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