Illustration for article titled The Cast And Crew Of G4s emX-Play/em Say Goodbye

Via Blair Herter, here's the cast and crew of G4's X-Play saying goodbye as they shoot their last episode.


G4 cancelled X-Play, along with their other gaming-related shows, as part of a network-wide rebranding that will see G4 turning into an Esquire channel.

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Good riddance, G4.

You were off to a hell of a start! You really were! 2002-2004 was awesome TV right there, aside from your buttchugging of TechTV, but that's a dead horse whose bones have now been kicked to dust.

I remember watching Cinematech at like 1am, I would fall asleep to it like a gentle lullaby, showcasing cinematics from great games. I loved Judgment Day, and even Arena and Blister. And the old episodes of Starcade were always entertaining.

Then something bad happened. You began to turn into this other "you", this Mr. Hyde of G4, who seemed to only like COPS, Cheaters, Campus PD and other garbage that almost overnight transformed you from my favorite channel into the dried, ground-in skid mark that you died as.

To be honest, I hadn't watched your channel on purpose for going on about 5 years now, thanks to my cable box, I could look many days forward into your programming schedule, and amid the long marathons of COPS and cheaters, I knew you were still gone. I know you tried with X-Play and AotS, but I didn't like either of those shows in the history of ever.

Goodbye, G4, and good riddance. Here's hoping a worthy gaming-focused channel can rise out of that skid mark stain that was your existence.