The Case of the Indie Devs and the Medical Marijuana Mixup

IllFonic, the Denver-based developer of Ghetto Golf, happens to have a medical marijuana dispensary for a next-door neighbor. Last night its alarm went off, the fuzz showed up at the wrong address, and three devs were cuffed at gunpoint.


Now, this all has a happy ending; no police brutality was committed or alleged, and IllFonic wants it clear that "If anything, we applaud [the police] for their rapid response to an alarm going off." But it ain't something that happens every day. And there's video of the encounter (above).

Shogun Gamer reports that the doobie warehouse next to IllFonic had been victimized by a series of break-ins, successful and attempted, so the cops have been taking incidents there very seriously. Last night it was apparently broken into again, and the DPD rolled up, except to the wrong door.

The police held at gunpoint the three devs they encountered, then handcuffed them while they searched the premises for contraband pot or any bad guys lurking about. A second patrol car showed up, told the first patrol they got the wrong address, and everything was cleared up.

Obviously getting the address wrong is the key here. After that, this actually plays out according to police procedure, yes, including the handcuffs and the guns, considering we're talking about a suspected burglary and drugs involved. IllFonic, according to Shogun Gamer, is taking it good naturedly.

"The alarm to the marijuana dispensary next door was going off, the cops came to... investigate," IllFonic told Shogun Gamer. "They got the addresses wrong. This is the result. WE ARE NOT COMPLAINING ABOUT THE POLICE. If anything, we applaud them for their rapid response to an alarm going off, even if they had the wrong address."

Hate to look like I'm blaming the victim, but IllFonic might want to consider renting a different office if it can. I can't imagine being next to a repeatedly burglarized pot barn is going to be good for productivity down the line.

IllFonic Developers Handcuffed Due to Police Error [Shogun Gamer]



I thought guns weren't supposed to be aimed at a person unless there is an intention to fire?

Don't get me wrong, i'm not saying these cops are bad guys. It's just a little thing I picked up living in the south that i'm fairly sure cops follow as well. It seems like incorrect procedure, especially since the developers seemed to be calm throughout the entire process.

One flub (aside from the obvious) in the video. Good on the cops, bad on the bad gun practice - break the habit and hopefully no one will have to apologize because they got shot by a cop holding a gun aimed at their back.