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The Case of Final Fantasy VII's Phantom Panties

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

OK. So there's been a long-running mystery surrounding Final Fantasy VII and a pair of women's underwear.

For fifteen years now people have wondered what the hell these knickers - actually an unused item - were for, but some recent fan translations of Japanese-language interviews have finally solved a mystery that's no doubt been keeping you sleepless since the 90s.


Turns out the game's HoneyBee Inn was originally meant to be much larger, with extra floors and rooms upstairs. As part of a quest to get access to see Don Corneo, Cloud would have had to sneak in upstairs in disguise.

Disguised as a hostess.

So you had to track down items of women's clothing to dress up in, one of those being a pair of panties. Which in an unused section of the game, in the video to the left, are handed to you by a pervert who snatched them off a clothesline. Tifa's clothesline.


Yet they weren't actually TIfa's. It would be revealed they were actually...Marlene's.

So, to recap: you would have spent some time in Final Fantasy VII, as Cloud, dressed as a hostess, wearing a pair of what were supposed to be Tifa's underpants, but were in fact Marlene's.

Which is kinda gross.

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