The Cardboard Tube Samurai Comes to Monday Night Combat

Just in time for PAX East, the latest update to Monday Night Combat brings Penny Arcade's revered Cardboard Tube Samurai to the game's PC version, as a uniform for the assassin class. Check him/her out in that vidja above.


The update also delivers an "All-Star Rating System," that which will give players a better idea of the overall skill level on each server. "The All Star Rating is a continuously adjusting five star rating. Play well, it'll go up. Play poorly and it'll go down," developer Uber Entertainment writes. "We will improve the system in future updates as we get feedback and data."

There's also new Outlander Gear, new taunts for when you wear it, and a slew of fixes.

PAX East, Samurai, and All-Star Rating [Monday Night Combat]


This looks cool, although it's using such an old Penny Arcade in-joke that some people might not understand it. I'm still not interested in the game, though.