The Captain America Video Game is Better Than It Should Be

Not only is the Captain America movie better than it should have been (or so I read), but the Captain America: Super Soldier video game, released in conjunction with the movie this week, is better than we usually get from super-hero movie games.


I wish I could say it's as good as the last Batman game (which didn't have to be released alongside a movie... hmmm), but I can at least say that Captain America's new video game, selling on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 at a discount $50, has some excellent combat. And some other good ideas.


Trust me. This is no Iron Man movie game.

Watch the video and I'll show you. If you care enough about Captain America to care about his movie, the game just might be worth checking out/renting/borrowing/seeing-played-here.

(Promising detail: the talented studio behind this game, Next Level Games, made the recent, fun Wii Punch-Out sequel and is at work on the impressive Luigi's Mansion 2, set for a 2012 release on the Nintendo 3DS.)

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Didn't Kotaku say almost the exact same thing about the Thor movie tie-in game before it came out?