The Call of Duty Tactics Game That Never Happened

Infinity Ward may have created Call of Duty but publisher Activision has always wanted to take the hit war-game series into different directions. Most of those efforts stalled—like the third-person variant that dev studio Sledgehammer was working on—and the public never gets to see what might have been.


But what you're seeing above is animation for a Call of Duty Tactics game that was in development at Vicarious Visions. It's listed as a prototype for Xbox 360 and PS3 on the website of animator Steve Nelson, who formerly worked at the studio that also made Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 for Activision.


While praised for its frenetically fast-paced action, Call of Duty often gets criticized for its shallow strategic depth. It would've been interesting to see what a tactically focused spin-off of the first-person franchise would have played like. But that may not be happening anytime soon.

Via Twitter

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Man, this game was fun. I think it would work fairly well as its own subgenre.

When you said "Call of Duty Tactics," at first I thought you were talking about something like Operation Darkness (essentially Final Fantasy Tactics in a World War II setting, though judging by the demo, not nearly as good) on the Xbox 360.

Also, lol @ "Jingle Jangle Jingle" in the background late in the video.